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Air Dried Steak | The Burn 70g
Air Dried Steak | The Burn 70g

Air Dried Steak | The Burn 70g

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Barbell Air Dried Steak (or Biltong) is bite-sized cuts of beef preserved by natural methods, with a softer texture than you may be used to if you have tried beef jerky.

If you value unprocessed whole-foods and follow a low-carb diet, this meat snack is a fantastic choice. Feel the chilli burn!


Certified organic grass-fed Australian beef, white vinegar, sea salt, coriander seed, black pepper, cloves, cayenne pepper, rosemary extract and chilli.

Biltong is a traditional South African food, where large beef steaks are marinated in vinegar, spiced and then hung to air dry in a controlled environment at ambient temperatures.

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