Organic Coconut Chips 150g
Organic Coconut Chips 150g

Organic Coconut Chips 150g

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Nutra Organics Coconut Chips is a pure product. No chemical refining or bleaching here, and nothing artificial added, just pure wholefood goodness.

What’s so good about Coconut chips? Coconut chips are a low carbohydrate, high fibre food. They are easily digested by the body, taste delicious! Add texture and flavour with coconut chips - a great way to get more fibre into your diet.

How are Coconut chips made? Coconut chips are made from the white part of the flesh, the mature coconut kernel. The kernel is dried in warm air and then shredded to create flakes, chips or shreds. 

How do I use Coconut chips?  Such a versatile ingredient! Bake into sweet recipes such as cakes, muffins, slices - Or savoury dishes such as curries or savoury muffins. Adds texture to granola, salads, fruit salad or simply as a snack. 

Helpful to know about Coconut chips: Our Coconut products are 100% Certified Organic. So what does that mean for the product consistency?

The coconut harvest changes from season to season and the moisture content in the coconut has a 10% variable with each harvest (sometimes wetter and sometimes dryer).

We purchase all our coconut products (Coconut Oil, Chips, Flour and Desiccated) from the same supplier where quality is paramount and purity is number 1.

What does this mean to you? To the naked eye and the naked tastebud - not much really! Most people won’t notice. We pride our family business quality and consistency so we wanted to let you know. Enjoy the organic coconutty deliciousness...

Ingredients: Certified Organic Air Dried Coconut Chips

This product is Certified Organic, super fresh and has no additives or preservatives to extend its life. Best to store under 18 degrees. For maximum freshness and tastiness, use within 4 weeks of opening.