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Organic Herbal Health Blend 40g

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A nutrient bomb that allows your body to activate it's powerful defenses as well as healing mechanisms.

Packed with vitamins (A, B, C and K) and minerals (iron, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese and copper), this blend can do plenty for your well-being!

It can improve your immune system, protect your heart, optimise digestion and relieve inflammation. It regulates hormonal activity and lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. It can help clear your mind and boost energy levels. You will also eliminate toxins, activate your metabolism and burn fats.

This tea is such a rich source of nutrients and vitamins that our body needs. It can help soothe and nourish the central nervous system, providing a calm, centered energy. 

Enjoy a cup a day for a month and feel the improvements!

Ingredients: organic Nettle, organic Moringa, organic Oat Straw and organic Lemon Peel.